2x Natural Balance

2x Natural Balance


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Set of 2 self watering pots

The Natural Balance is a flowerpot that contains a water reservoir, that feeds the plant gradually throughout the weeks. When the reservoir is empty, the pot tilts, to let you know that a refill is needed. The flowerpot returns to its upright position when the reservoir is refilled.

The pot and the reservoir are divided by a water-permeable part, made from earthenware. This slowly transfer the water into the soil and let is last for up to 28 days, depending on the plant. To fit any plant with different weight and shape, the pivoting point is adjustable by a magnetic slider.

Due to the porous ceramic on the inside, the water is slowly absorbed by the soil. Depending on the moisture of the soil, water will be absorbed. This will result in the best care for the plant, as it is only watered when it is needed.

Handmade of stoneware in a matte color.

Also available in a Triple- and Four Pack.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm
Color 1st Flowerpot

Mint Green, Pastel Pink, Cool Grey

Color 2nd Flowerpot

Mint Green, Pastel Pink, Cool Grey

1 review for 2x Natural Balance

  1. Jesse Houwing

    The colors are completely ‘it’ at the moment, the size is just right for many plants you may already have and need repotting. The tip mechanism works great. The 2 plants that got these as a new place to live immediately got healthier (the repotting and fresh soil must have helped too).

    Do be mindful that 1/3rd of the space of the pot is used for water storage, I had to massage the roots of the plants a bit to fit nicely.

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