Poligon Black Bowl

Poligon Black Bowl

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Porcelain tableware at a low resolution. Instead of smooth shapes, this pottery is build up out of polygons. Every product is unique and handmade, so it will be a great eye-catcher in a modern interior. It has a very surprising shape, and holds firmly. Made in high quality glazed porcelain, for a long lifetime at a daily use.

The pieces are made of high quality black porcelain and glazed for a gloss finish. The rim is detailed with a golden fine line for a classy look. Handmade in a limited edition.

This bowl holds 600ml (20 Fl. oz.) and could easily fit in one hand. Great for noodles, cereal, or a soup. Store them compactly as the bowls will stack into each other.

High quality for daily use and safe for dishwasher and microwave.

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