About Studio Lorier

Studio Lorier is an online brand who makes exclusive design part of your daily life. Dutch designer Sander Lorier tries to make the interior more surprising, fun and diversified. Products are stripped down into their essentials, with a minimal use of materials but still maintaining their unique functionality. To stay close to the production process, the designs are locally produced in the Netherlands, using materials such as porcelain, copper and solid wood.

In 2012, industrial designer Sander Lorier started in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to get his vision on product design into reality. Sander is fascinated by cleverly designed products with a unique style and multi-functionality. Exclusive designs can now become part of your daily lifestyle, instead of only looking at them. In a world where products are discarded quickly, Sander tries to make pieces who will last longer. This vision has been realized into a design brand named Studio Lorier, where a wide range of products are directly available for customers.

The Studio Workshop

Studio Lorier is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In the studio workshop the full process from concept development to final products take place. Items are carefully handcrafted which makes every item unique.

Many production skills are mastered, and we are always open for new experiments and other custom requests.

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