Hybrid Chair

The Hybrid Chair is the ultimate lounger that can transform quickly into a desk chair. 

After years of design and development, Studio Lorier has designed the ultimate chair for any situation; The Hybrid Chair. This lounge chair can quickly transform into a desk chair and the other way around. For this project, Studio Lorier is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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The Hybrid Chair is a lounge chair can quickly transform into a desk chair and the other way around.

The Hybrid Chair is designed for people who do not want two separate chairs or simply do not have the space for it, but still want the comfort of a relaxing and active seating position.

The frame of the Hybrid Chair is made of solid oak, and carefully handcrafted in the Netherlands.

The fabric is supplied by Kvadrat and upholstered on a soft and comfortable seat. Available in the colors: Green, Coral, Blue and Grey.

The Comfort can be set manually in the top and bottom position, while the Deluxe option is driven by a pneumatic piston that can be set on any height. The user can even stay seated while lowering the Deluxe Hybrid Chair.

The design of the Hybrid Chair is finished, and now ready to be produced. To get production running, Studio Lorier needs to invest in specialized tools and raw materials. Supporters of the campaign get early access to the Hybrid Chair at a discounted price.

The Matching Hybrid Chair and Footstool.

Hybrid Footstool can be converted into a side table. Simply slide out the top and flip it to switch from stool to side table and the other way around. Ideal to save space in small apartments.


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