Poligon Bowl

Poligon Bowl


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Porcelain tableware at a low resolution: The Poligon Collection.

  • Unique Polygonal Design: Handmade porcelain tableware featuring captivating polygonal shapes, ideal for modern interiors.
  • Exceptional Durability: Crafted from high-quality glazed porcelain, built to last through daily use, safe for Oven, Dishwasher, and Microwave.
  • Vibrant Contrast: Glossy white exterior highlights polygonal design, complemented by vivid interior colors (Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue, and Bright Orange).
  • Convenient Size: This 600ml (20 Fl. oz.) bowl is one-handed and stackable, perfect for noodles, cereal, or soup.

Elevate your dining experience with our low-resolution porcelain tableware, combining artistry, durability, and convenience in one collection.

Height: 6,5 cm (2,5”)
Diameter: 15 cm (5”)
Volume: 600 ml (20 Fl. oz.)

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Blue, Orange, Green

1 review for Poligon Bowl

  1. Karolina

    Good looking bowl

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