Swivel Flowerpot

Swivel Flowerpot


This flowerpot contains a tapered bottom, which let it tilt in any direction. Position the flowerpot towards the sun and the shape of the plant might change as it grows in the direction of sunlight. The direction may change during time as the weigh balance will change. This will make the Swivel Flowerpot a dynamic object instead of a static one.

With its pastel, two-toned colors it is a great fit in many situations. Great to combine several pieces together for a very fun effect. Handmade in porcelain and available in Green, Pink and Blue.

Height: 13 cm (5”)
Diameter: 13 cm (5”)
Volume: 1,2 liter (40 Fl. oz.)
Weight: 400 gr (0.8 lbs)

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Green, Pink, Blue


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