Ceramic Hookah – Double Hose

Ceramic Hookah – Double Hose


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The Ceramic Hookah double hose, a completely new interpretation of the conventional Arabic hookah/shisha. This compact piece of art will be a great addition to a modern and stylish interior. Two conventional materials are used for modern purposes: matte ceramic and granulated cork.

The stiffness of ceramics is used in an optimal way. Even the cup for the tobacco is integrated in the ceramic top part. By the flexibility of cork, sealing the hookah on crucial parts will be achieved.

Due to the compact shape, the shisha is easy to carry. It contains less parts and is therefore easy to clean by rinsing the ceramic parts. Compatible with one hose, for a great, social smoking experience. Also available with one hose.


Fill the base for 1/2 water. Add the top part and attach the hose. Place the tobacco on the top with some space in between, so air could pass. Place one sheet of aluminum foil on top and seal with the included stainless steel ring. After that, pierce between 20 and 30 small holes in the aluminum foil with the included tong. Finally place a glowing charcoal on top and wait for several minutes before enjoying the hookah experience.

Content package:

Ceramic Design Hookah

2x Black hose: 1,8 meter (6 feet)

Stainless steel wind cup


Ceramic plug (for use with one hose)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 28 cm

1 review for Ceramic Hookah – Double Hose

  1. Sal’e

    Used this all weekend, really recommend!

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