Gradient Shelving – Medium

Gradient Shelving – Medium


The Gradient Shelving system contains separate modular elements that can be assembled in any configuration. This lets you configure any shaped shelf, and change it easily. Spay painted in a gradient that gradually mixes the wood and color.

No tools are required to assemble or dismount the shelving. So simply change your shelving when changing your interior. Optional there are drawers, doors, wine rack and clothes hanger available.

Available in a wide choice of colors.


-6x trays

-8x 6cm(2”)legs

-8x top caps

-12x 36cm(14”) legs

-4x 74cm (29”) legs

Also available in Gradient Shelving – Large

Handmade in the Netherlands by Studio Lorier

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 37 × 76 × 82 cm


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